Mobile Payments

Many businesses have a need to accept payments on the road. Many ways to do this:

  1. With a GPRS long range terminal the works off the cell towers. This option works for businesses that do a lot on the road like food delivery but rent for the terminal is expensive
  2. Take credit card numbers over the phone and enter them manually. No rent for a terminal but the cost to process these transactions is higher as they are “card not present” and there is no protection for the merchant if they are fraudulent. Also, you are not able to accept Interac debit transactions which are usually much cheaper than credit card transactions.
  3. New and addresses both problems is an Ingenico ICMP pin pad which connects to a cell phone via Bluetooth. Much cheaper to buy or rent than a GPRS terminal and you can accept pin and Interac debit.
  4. Note we did not mention writing down credit card numbers and then entering them into a terminal or virtual terminal. Credit card information should never be written down, faxed or emailed. Merchants are 100% responsible for the security of credit card information they receive.

If you decide to go for the ICMP option make sure you get the costs straight most of the Acquirers require a separate account for the ICMP at higher rates, at least one will allow you to combine it with your current account.

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