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PCI/DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards often shortened to just PCI. They consist of  a number of rules and requirements designed to protect consumer’s credit card data. They are very complicated and anyone that accepts credit card payments has to comply with the rules or face large fines and/or losing your right to accept credit cards. Some companies charge fees for PCI administration and PCI non-compliance, these range from a few dollars a month to a percentage of sales plus per transaction fees that can add up to thousands.

If you see fees for “PCI Admin” or “PCI Non Com” you should contact your processor and find out how you complete compliance requirements. Unfortunately this has become a profitable fee for some processors with multiple fees for each for some merchants.

More information at: PCI Standards Council Site


MasterCard is making changes to some of their interchange rates (paid to card issuing banks) to take effect on Nov 1, 2017. Businesses have 90 days from the time they are notified of these changes or when they can determine the effect of the changes to cancel without penalty. It should be noted that at least one processor has told some merchants that because MasterCard made the change the code does not apply this is not true. Another processor gave notice of this on the June statement received in July which means businesses have only until Sept 30, 2017 to cancel without penalty. This same processor is piggybacking some very large increases with this change as much as .50% of all sales.  Below is a brief list of some new fees we are seeing:

  • System Maintenance Fee, “SYSTEM MAINTENANCE F” charged on all credit card transactions
  • Network Access Fee, “NETWKACCES” charged on all credit card transactions
  • Payment Network Compliance Fee, “PNCOMPFEE” charged on all credit card transactions

Generally these fees are charges as a percentage of credit card sales, plus credit card transactions plus a flat monthly fee.

Check this past blog post for more fees you should not be paying



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  1. John
    John says:

    Hey! not much online about this… I noticed a sizeable charge on my last month’s global payments bill under PNCOMPFEE.

    I notice now that it was charged on my last 3 bills, but surprisingly there was no notification?! Does anyone know their obligations for fee increases? its 90d notice correct?


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