11 Fees That Should Not Appear on Your Credit/Debit Card Processing Statement


There are a number of fees that you will find upon every credit/debit card processing statement, often by different names often in different combinations (wonder why they are so hard to read). There are also though, a number that are specific to Acquirers/Processors and are just extra expense for you and profit for them. Below is a list of a few we see quite often:

  1. PCI Non-Com charged when a business in not in compliance with PCI DSS compliance rules, easily fixed contact your processor.
  2. PCI Admin if you are getting assistance from your processor to be compliant including quarterly scans and assistance completing an SAQ a small monthly fee is justified but percentage and per transaction fees are too much.
  3. Authorization Fee just an extra fee sometimes a percentage sometimes per transactions sometimes both
  4. Settlement & Access Fee just an extra fee sometimes a percentage sometimes per transactions sometimes both
  5. Statement Fee when accompanied with an Admin fee should be one or the other
  6. Annual Fee just a cash grab charged by a few
  7. Data Service Fee is the forbearer of the PCI fees replaced but some still charging it.
  8. Push Fund Fee was charged when they bank you are using is different than that of the processor they no longer pay this fee and neither should you
  9. Batch Fees charged every time you close a batch charged by a few processors
  10. Terminal Maintenance Fee just another way to boost the bottom line have not seen any better service from the companies charging this and in one case it is actually worse.
  11. Minimum Discount for most businesses this is not an issue but if you are very low volume or seasonal it may be if you see these charges on your statements you find out why.

There are, unfortunately many more but those above are the most common.


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