New Interac Debit Fees 

The word on the grapevine is that an increase in Interac rates is coming soon. Interac Flash the contactless transaction option will soon have a surcharge on each transaction. Rumor has it around $.03 to $.04 but that is only the Interac portion some processors will mark that up. Currently fees for contactless transactions are free for Visa Wave, MasterCard contactless payments have a $.05 to $.07 surcharge depending upon the card type Visa is sure to follow soon.Interac flash

The world of debit payments is dark and murky not to mention confusing. Originally there was only the Interac network for debit, all debit transactions were face to face and were processed through this network. As online business started to become popular other debit options became available through Visa and MasterCard. Currently all card present Interac transactions must go through the Interact network while online or phone transactions can be done through the other networks. It is possible to use Interac online but there are only 2 processors that will do it and it is very difficult to get them to set it up (not to mention that the fees are much higher).

This follows a familiar pattern, the banks and card networks offer a new service to attract new customers and because they can the cost is passed along to merchants. Currently Interac is taking the loss for fraud in contactless transactions, this I assume is their way of passing the cost along to merchants. The good news is that businesses can’t be forced to accept contactless payments according to the code of conduct the best answer this time is to just say no.

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