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Independent Payment Processing Specialist (Credit/Debit Card Processing)

Fees Based On Savings!*

We are the independent credit and debit card processing experts it is all we do!

Our fees are based upon your savings if you don’t save there is no fee!*

>Are you paying too much to process credit and debit cards?

>Do you want a plan that is customized to your business with the right rates and options?

>Do you understand your statements and pricing system?

>Do you have questions or situations with leases or cancellations or merchant account that need to be resolved?

*A la carte services also available on a fee for service basis.

The best way to describe Rick and Small Business Assist… is a dog with a bone.I came to Rick overwhelmed with the prospect of accepting payments on line. With no shortage of sales representatives from various companies calling to get us to switch, I needed some guidance from a professional with no hidden agenda.Rick was able to tease apart the proposed contracts and show me that although it appeared I would be getting a lower rate, hidden fees and extra’s were added(not discussed nor agreed upon). Had I have signed, not only would I have been paying more, but my contract would have been extended.I am thankful for Rick’s guidance and would recommend his services to companies large or small who accept credit card payments.

Christine RabyPresident Aapex Driving AcademyAapex Driving Academy

Re: Rick Smith @ Small Biz Assist
June 18, 2014
To: EVERYONE using Visa/Mastercard/Debit machines.
We would like to thank Rick for all his help and support helping us through our trials and tribulations with our Merchant Services provider. We had signed up for Merchant Services through our local Chamber of Commerce as they offered ‘special rates’. What we quickly learned is that we had signed up to a nightmare. Having purchased our GPRS terminal, and all the other mistakes the salesman made, it probably cost us in the neighbourhood of $2000.00+ going this way.
I had met Rick at a couple of chamber functions and did not give it much thought… Until we had problems-9 months of them! That’s when Rick stepped in. He went over the billing and contracts and unearthed more of the big mess we were in.
Rick took the time to go over our billing, analyze it, and show where things were going wrong. His expertise, knowledge and explanations of how things are billed really opened our eyes. We had no idea what some of the fees were due to the way the Merchant services providers do their invoicing. We also realized that advertised ‘lowest rates’ are not always the best way to go for a business. They don’t tell you the back end fees etc.
Rick has been THE reason we have now got our Merchant Services in order with our new provider. I can’t thank him enough!
Do yourself a favour- DO NOT ATTEMPT MERCHANT SERVICES ON YOUR OWN!!! Having Small Biz Assist manage your Visa/Mastercard/Debit is worth EVERY penny! He will make sure you have the right program for your business!

Kindest Regards,
Ryan G. Norder
Krystal Cartier-Dobransky
Aqua Service Niagara
15-595 Carlton Street,
St. Catharines, ON
L2M 4Y2

Ryan Norder, Krystal DobranskiOwners Aqua Service NiagaraAqua Services Niagara

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  • Statement audit

    We will do a full independent audit of your current statement with no predetermined objectives. You get an accurate explanation of your current costs and whether you can save money.

  • Negotiations

    If we determine that you can save money we will first negotiate with your current processor by presenting them with a bonafide competing offer.

  • Changeover Management

    If you decide to change to a new Processor we help with all the details start to finish and make sure there are no costly surprises.

  • Account Management

    Management of your merchant account including monthly reports, included with changeover fees for the first year of available for a monthly fee.

What we do:

We consult small and medium sized businesses specializing in payment processing (accepting credit and debit cards) and are completely independent of the Payment Processing industry. Our process for new customers includes:

      •  A comprehensive statement audit comparing current bottom line costs with rates available competitively.
      • Our recommendations with estimated savings
      • Secure competing offer(s) for you processing business and negotiate with your current processor for better rates
      • If necessary manage a changeover to a new processor preparing all paperwork, return of equipment and setup.
      • Manage your account with monthly reports and savings/security suggestions for 1 year
      • Ongoing support as long as and whenever you need it.

*Applies to changeover and management costs which are based on a percentage of actual savings (Original audit $79 deducted from changeover fees). Some condtions may apply contact us for details

**We work for and with our clients and accept no compensation from any person, organization or group in the Payment Processing Industry so we can find the deal that works best for your business.